Too Hot of Shower after a Toilet Flush

Ouch!! Have you ever stepped into the shower after flushing the toilet, or have you had a family member flush the toilet during your shower?  That can result in some burning hot water.  Even those of us who love a warm shower will find ourselves quickly jumping out from the water stream after an unexpected toilet flush.

Hot water after a toilet flush is a problem that you typically find in homes with older plumbing systems.  In these homes the toilet and shower share pipes so when the toilet is flushed all of the cold water is used for the toilet, leaving only hot water in the shower.

Thankfully, if this is the case in your home, this is a problem that can be fixed.  The pipes can be re-worked by a licensed plumber so that a simple toilet flush will not burn you in the shower.  Until then, wait a few minutes before getting in the shower after flushing, and instruct others to yell, “flush” if they are flushing while you are in the shower.

If the toilet isn’t the only hot water problem you have, an anti scald valve can be installed.  These valves ensure that the cold and hot water is mixed properly and they never allow the water to get above a certain temperature.  This can be great if you have young children- you do not have to worry about them accidentally turning the water up too high.  However, an anti scald valve will not fix the toilet flush problem.

For more information about solving your hot water issues, contact Flame!

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