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The Biggest Water Usage Culprit in your Home

We have all heard of the common ways to save water: turn the sink off while brushing your teeth, take shorter showers, and don’t run the dishwasher unless its full.  Many of us probably practice these regularly.  But, do you …

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8 Energy Saving Tips for Renters

Whether you rent or own your home, we can all benefit from energy savings.  Oftentimes, many of the strategies for reducing energy costs involve major investments such as new heating and cooling units, or things the renter cannot control such …

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Automatic Generators Lessen Effects of Power Outage

Last week in Metro Detroit hundreds of thousands of people lost power due to a wind storm.  Many of those people lost power for multiple days.  Businesses were affected and people were without heat in their homes.  A power outage …

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SEER Numbers are Used to Rate Air Conditioners

Well, they just don’t make ’em like they used to anymore. How many times have we heard people remark on how things used to be made better in the past?  There is at least one thing that is made better …

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5 Energy Tips to have a Green March

March is the month of GREEN, and at Flame Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, and Electrical we are all about the green too.  We won’t be talking about shamrocks and leprechauns, but we will be talking about being green by being energy …

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Four Alternative Forms of Insulation

Are you looking for alternative ways to insulate your home this winter?  Adding insulation is a great way to keep energy bills down and cold air out during the chilly months.  However, especially for apartment renters, it can be difficult …

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3 Energy Saving Tips for a Superbowl Party

Superbowl Sunday is approaching once again.  Whether you are an avid football fan or you just watch the game for the commercials, Superbowl parties are a fun tradition.  Are you hosting a party this weekend?  Party expenses can add up …

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What is an Energy Efficient Furnace?

It seems like everything around is labeled these days with things like organic, Non GMO, Sulfate free, and energy efficient. The thing is, though we know all of these things are good, what do they really mean and how can we truly know if the …

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How to Clean your Air Registers

Most of us wake up on New Year’s Day ready for a fresh start.  We want to eat healthier after a month of drinks and cookies, we are ready to clean out our closets so we can put away our …

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Your Family’s Water Usage

Think you’ve got your family’s water usage under control?  You may be surprised to learn that you could be using more than you think! Many of our morning routines include time spent in the bathroom showering, brushing our teeth, and …

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