3 Fourth of July Party Problems and How to Solve Them

3 Expensive Fourth of July Party Problems and How to Solve Them

The Fourth of July may not be the first holiday that pops into your mind when you think of expensive times of year.  It’s true that Christmas holds the title of top consumer expenditures, but any holiday, even July 4th, comes with a price tag.

The money adds up quickly when you are hosting a party for Independence Day.  Food? Check. Drinks? Check. Decorations? Check. Fireworks? Check.  (And of course you need to take advantage of the only time of year you can dress your family in matching red, white, and blue clothing, right?)

Furthermore, a house full of people on a July day means that things are getting hot and sticky so your air conditioner is working hard.  That requires a lot of energy.

There are three major problems with a Fourth of July party that can end up being big energy and money wasters.  Thankfully, we have easy solutions for each.

3 Expensive Fourth of July Problems and How to Solve Them

1. In or Out!


The Problem:  When doors are left wide open, it’s just like asking to waste energy and money.  All of that Guests moving between indoors and outdoors can be a big waste of money during a Fourth of July partycooled air is slipping right outside while the hot, muggy air from the outside is coming in.  This is a big problem at crowded parties when people are constantly moving indoors and outdoors.

The Fix: Decide where you want the party to be located; inside or outside.  Then, reduce the needs of your guests to move from indoors to outdoors or vice versa.  Make sure drinks and food are accessible wherever the party is.  For example, instead of having party guests travel inside to grab a pop out of the fridge, have coolers set up outside.  Obviously you can’t expect there to be no movement between indoors and outdoors, so also post a note on the door reminding guests to close it behind them.  Expert tip- if the weather is nice, make the party’s location be outside.  That way you can save even more money by turning up the thermostat indoors while no one is in there.

2. The MenuChoose an energy efficient menu in order to save money at your Fourth of July Party

The Problem:  Stoves and ovens not only use gas or electricity, they also heat up the house, which means your a/c needs to work extra hard.

The Fix: Create an energy efficient menu.  This means cold salads and sandwiches and  throwing hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill.  We promise you won’t hear any complaints!  No one wants a heavy oven baked meal on a warm summer day anyway.

3. All of the Electronics

The Problem:  CD players or bluetooth speakers, TVs, lights, outdoors lights…you may find you have a lot of electronic devices running during your Independence Day party that will rack up the electric bill.

In order to save energy, unplug any unnecessary electronics during your Fourth of July partyThe Fix:  Before the party, take a tour of your home and shut off and unplug any electronic devices you can.  Unplug upstairs and basement TVs and computers and make sure all lights are turned off in non-party areas.

Looking for more advice on how to save energy in your home?  Contact us at Flame Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, and Electrical! Enjoy your Fourth of July party!

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