3 Steps to Buying a Furnace

Are you thinking you may need a new furnace?  That’s a big deal!  Furnaces should be replaced every 18-20 years, and for many people, investing in a new one will only happen once in their lifetime.  It is important to do the research and be thoughtful with your decision, but the prospect can be a little overwhelming.  When thinking about a new furnace, here are three important aspects to consider:


Choosing the right contractor is the most important part of buying a furnace. Why?  Because the heating and cooling company will help guide you to finding the right unit for your home.  Most heating and cooling companies only sell certain brands of furnaces, so it is a good idea to research what brands you are interested in and which contractors provide those.  Also, you want to make sure that whichever contractor you choose provides certified, qualified technicians.  These technicians will be in your home for a few days during the install process.  Ask about any certifications, training or associations that the company or its employees are a part of.  NATE (North American Technician Excellence) is one of the highest certifications that an HVAC technician can hold.


Size is incredibly important when investing in a furnace.  Another reason that you want a reputable heating and cooling contractor is because it is the company who will help you discover the correct size furnace for your home.  A furnace that is too big for your home is wasteful, because it will produce way more heat than needed.  On the other hand, though it may be tempting to save money by going for a very small furnace, this can also be wasteful.  A too small furnace could actually end up costing you more because it may still try to work to heat your whole home, but it will have to work much harder and expend more energy than one that is meant for your size home.


Being “green” is very popular now and for good reason.  Being energy efficient helps both the earth and your wallet.  You can find the efficiency level of a furnace by looking at its AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) number.  The AFUE (Bryant) signifies the percentage of energy that is actually be used to heat your home.  Therefore, the higher the percentage, the better.  Higher efficiency furnaces are more expensive initially, but they will give you greater savings on your utility bills.

Buying a furnace can be intimidating, but it does not have to be.  For more information and residential furnace installationcontact Flame!

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