Warm Up with Clothing

When the temperature drops we often hear about winterizing your home.  However, isn’t just as important to keep ourselves warm?  Here are a few tips for staying warm in the cold months:

Begin at the Top

Working to keep your head and brain warm is your body’s first priority. When the weather is cold the body will use heat from other areas in order to accomplish this.  Approximately 40% of heat is lost through the head. Thus, it is so important to cover your head with a hat or a hood.  In doing this you will help to keep the rest of yourself warm.

Layers, Layers, Layers

Layers insulate your body, and they also let you have your own personal thermostat.  Putting layers on and taking them off can control your body’s temperature.  This  is important because sweating in your clothing will only make you colder in the long run.  Therefore, listen to your body and take off a layer when you need to.


Isn’t it always all about the details?  The same is true with keeping warm. Gloves, mittens, wool socks, scarves, and neck gators all cover up exposed areas of your body, and they seal you up from the cold outside air.

 Check the Weather

Michigan weather can definitely be unpredictable so check it in the morning to ensure proper dress for that day.


Questions?  Contact Flame.  Stay Warm!   Information for this blog was found at: eHow “How to Dress Warmly in the Winter” and WebsiteRepairGuy:  12 Tips to Help You Choose Warm Clothes.

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