4 Tips for Getting Out of a Bed on Cold Mornings

4 Tips for Getting out of Bed on Cold Mornings

It may not officially be winter yet, but the temperatures outside sure feel like it.  Which means, that it can be hard to get out of a bed on these cold mornings.  Not only is it most likely still dark out when the alarm goes off, but your room probably feel pretty darn chilly each morning.

Turning the thermostat down at night can help to save money and help you sleep better, but how can you make it easier to get out from under those cozy blankets come morning?

4 Tips for Getting Out of Bed on Cold Mornings

1. Invest in a programmable or learning thermostat, such as Nest.

Program the temperature to raise before your alarm goes off in the morning, so the air is already a bit warmer by the time you need to get out of bed.

2. Don’t Reason with Yourself.

I promise you–your sleepy 5 or 6 or 7 a.m. brain is not a reasonable person.  That extra 5 minutes you are trying to bargain with yourself for won’t actually help you feel any more awake.  And, (I know from personal experience), you are at more of a risk of falling back asleep for a much longer period of time.

3. Give yourself a reward.

Having something you look forward to do in the morning can help getting out of that warm bed much easier.  Is it a cup of coffee?  Is it time reading a favorite book?  Set aside time for something like that everyday.  That way you aren’t getting out of bed because you have to, you’re getting out of bed because you want to.

4. Take a hot shower.

If you are cold getting out of bed, simply tell yourself you only have to make it to the shower and then you will be warm again.  Then, sprint to the shower!

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