5 Indoor Metro Detroit Attractions for When It’s Too Hot

Those with young kids know that one of the best parts of summer is the ability to be outside instead of being cooped up in the house day after day.  BUT, when the weather is stifling hot, sometimes we find ourselves back to looking at the outside world through a window.  School’s out and cabin fever is, unfortunately, in.

Indoor Metro Detroit places to keep you from going stir crazy

Getting into air conditioning is a recommended step for combatting and preventing heat related illnesses.  Stay in the a/c while not going stir crazy at home by visiting these fun places.

5 Indoor Metro Detroit Places to go When it’s Too Hot Outside

Detroit Kid City

Detroit Kid City has the motto, “where imagination grows and coffee flows” making it a perfect spot for littles and their parents.  It has two locations:  one in Clinton Township and one in Southfield.  Detroit Kid City is a play center for kids that eschews the traditional bright colors, slides, and ball pits.  Instead, when you walk inside, it looks like a mini downtown Detroit complete with post office, barber shop and recording studio.  It’s designed for children 8 and under.  Stay cool, sip on a smoothie or coffee, and watch your little one get his or her energy out!

The Henry Ford Museum

The Henry Ford Museum, along with its outdoor companion, Greenfield Village is actually the largest indoor/outdoor museum complex in the country.   Inside the museum you can find things such as the Rosa Parks bus and Abraham Lincoln’s chair from Ford’s Theater. . Ready to take a break?  Take a seat in the IMAX theater.  This a classic indoor Metro Detroit attraction beloved by all ages.

Sea Life Aquarium

This aquarium is a great spot for young kids.  It is very interactive with a touch pool for feeling sea creatures, child sized tunnels to see the animals from a different angle, and an indoor playscape at the end.  Stay dry, stay cool, learn something, and have fun!

The Great Escape Room

Located in Royal Oak, The Great Escape Room will give you an air conditioned respite from the heat while also working your brain.  “Locked” in a room with a group for an hour, you have to solve riddles and puzzles in order to escape.  The Great Escape Room is only for peoples ages 12 and up.

DNR Outdoor Adventure Center

Bummed not be heading up north?  Or, seriously upset that it’s just too hot (or rainy) to do all.the.things outside?  Head to DNR’s Outdoor Adventure Center.  Don’t let the name confuse you, the OAC is actually located indoors.  Kids can walk across a suspension bridge, sit in an airplane, and even see an indoor waterfall.  Great outdoors + central air conditioning?  Sign me up!

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