$5,000 Back for Home Improvements from Consumer's Energy

It is Back to School Season.  I remember, when I was a little kid, walking into a Bruegger’s Bagels at the end of August with my mom.  Bruegger’s had all their back to school signs and posters hanging up around the restaurant and I was so mad that Bruegger’s dared to taint the end of my summer with that paraphernalia.  Nowadays, I have gotten used to the back to school tradition, but the beginning of September still brings bittersweet feelings with it.

For many parents, back to school is not only bittersweet, but it can also can be costly.  School supplies, college tuition, athletic fees etc… are all expensive.  The good news is that Consumer’s Energy is giving your wallet a break this Fall.  Consumer’s Energy is offering up to $5,000 back for making certain energy efficient improvements to your home.  Fantastic right?  Home improvements AND money back.

In order to do this, you can call Flame to book a Comprehensive Home Assessment.  During this assessment, you will discuss what improvements need to be made to receive your savings.  So, if you are interested in saving this Fall…contact Flame!

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