Re-Model? Flame Can Help!

Adding an addition to your home?  Great!  Two things to think about (besides carpet, paint, counters etc…)

  1. Electricity- Electrical outlets are very important (as you will find out if you do not have any).  Flame has certified electricians that can wire and put in electrical outlets in your home.  Make sure to think carefully about where you want these (for example in terms of a TV, phone, lamps etc…)
  2. Radiant Heat-sometimes it is not necessarily very cost effective to add central heating to your addition…another solution is to use radiant heating, which heats under your floors or in your walls and does not need duct work! (also-if you are putting in a new bathroom, heated floors in the bathroom are great!)

In the midst of deciding between tile or wood, cream or eggshell paint, or drapes or blinds….remember these other decisions and that Flame can help you out!  Contact Flame Heating, Cooling and Electrical.

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