6 Crazy Items Flushed Down the Toilet

6 Crazy Things Flushed Down the ToiletAnyone with children knows the temptations that a toilet holds: you can splash in it, you can flush it, you can put things in it, and you can watch the water spin around as it goes down the drain.  The possibilities are endless to a two year old.

Anyone with children also knows that stomach drop feeling of panic when they hear a “plop” and a flush and realize that their little one somehow crawled or toddled their way into the bathroom and flushed something down the toilet.  Visions of the toilet overflowing suddenly swim into our heads, and we wonder if the watch we took off last night was in toddler reach in the bathroom.

Because the truth is–only two things should be flushed down a toilet:  toilet paper and human waste.  Anything else can cause clogs, or in the case of medicines, contribute to water pollution.  Unfortunately, many children don’t realize that.  Whether you want to laugh or cry, here is a list some of the craziest items we have seen (or heard of) being flushed down the toilet:

6 Crazy Items Flushed Down the Toilet

-A Nutcracker Christmas ornament

-A tube of toothpaste

-A half eaten apple

-A babysitter’s cell phone

-A whole apple

-“My sanity”


Now what?

If you find that your little kid (or big kid!) has flushed a foreign object down the toilet and it is causing a clog, the first thing you want to do is clear out any excess water from the water toilet bowl making sure to leave just enough to cover a plunger.  Then, try using a plunger.  If that doesn’t work, an auger may be necessary, or you may need to contact a professional.  Check out more specific DIY instructions here.

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