6 New Year’s Resolutions for an Energy Efficient 2019

Energy efficient new year's resolutions

How many of you wake up the morning of January 1 slightly cringing in memory of the amount of food and drink consumed over the past month?  Perhaps you are also a little wary of your credit card bill filled with Christmas charges on it too.  It’s no wonder that New Year’s Resolutions are so popular.  After a few weeks of holiday festivities, we are ready to get back to some structure and focus on goals for the following year.

This year, in addition to the traditional diet and exercise resolutions, take a minute to think about your energy footprint.  Here are 6 New Year’s Resolutions to make 2019 a little more green and save you money.

1. Stop playing around with the thermostat

I know the temptation.  When you come in from the outside on a bitter cold day or struggle to wake up on a chilly morning, it is so tempting to turn the thermostat up to make the house feel warm NOW.  However, that’s not how your furnace works.  Turning up the temperature will not make the furnace able to warm your home any faster.  It’s just a waste of energy.

2. Actually clean or change your furnace filter

You’ve probably heard that your furnace/air conditioner filter should be cleaned or changed approximately every 3 months.  Have you actually been doing that?  If not, this year is the year!  A clean filter helps to keep your air clean and the furnace and a/c running more efficiently.

3. Schedule an air conditioner or furnace inspection

Along those same lines, having your heating and cooling system inspected annually is a great way to ensure that it is running efficiently.

4. Set up your programmable thermostat

It is one thing to invest in a programmable thermostat–it’s another to actually set it up and use it the way it’s intended to be used.  Make it a goal this year to set a program for your thermostat that works for your family and helps to save money.

5. Change out all of your home’s lightbulbs

This should be the year you finally switch all of the lightbulbs in your home to LED or CFL lights.

6. Turn off the water while brushing your teeth

It is recommended to brush your teeth for at least two minutes.  That is a very long time to keep the water running.

Looking for more ways to keep your home running efficiently this year?  Contact Flame!



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