7 Creative Ways to Recycle Christmas Wrapping

Take a look outside on the first trash day after Christmas.  Trash cans are piled high with wrapping paper shreds, ribbons, toy boxes, and of course Amazon Prime boxes.  Though all of that wrapping looked beautiful under the tree Christmas morning, it does not look so pretty sitting out on the street the following day.  Let’s face it, Christmas can be filled with a lot of waste.  This year, try to work on recycling and re-using your Christmas wrapping.7 Creative Ways to Recycle Christmas Wrapping

What can be recycled?

Wrapping paper can actually be put in the recycling bin.  Unless, according to USA Today, it has glitter, velvety flocking, or is metallic.  Some sources suggest using the “scrunch test” to determine the recyclability of wrapping paper:  try scrunching the wrapping paper into a ball.  Does it stay that way?  Then you can recycle it!

Ribbons and bows, on the other hand, cannot go in the recycling bin.  If possible, save the ribbons and bows for next year.  Less waste and saving money?  Check!

Are you itching to be a little more creative with your Christmas waste?  Try out some of these creative ideas for wrapping papers, ribbons, and Christmas cards.

7 Creative Ways to Recycle Christmas Wrapping

1. Cut up wrapping paper into confetti for New Year’s Eve or birthday parties.

2. Use old wrapping paper to wrap textbooks in.

3. Make decorative bunting with used wrapping paper.

4. Line shelves or boxes with the wrapping paper.

5. Frame the wrapping paper as a festive decoration for next year!

6. Cut up your generic Christmas cards (the ones without family pictures on them).

Use the images to make book marks, new cards, or holiday decorations.

7. Make ornaments out of old Christmas cards.

Cut out the image you want, in the shape you want,, and with a laminator and some ribbon…ornament!  This can even work with photo cards of family.

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