7 Things that canNOT be Flushed Down the Toilet

7 Things that Should Not be Flushed Down the Toilet

Today I watched, helplessly, as my 2 year old grabbed a wash cloth, threw it in the toilet, and flushed…all before i could I get to him fast enough.  He smiled with glee as he watched it spin around.

In case you weren’t aware…A wash cloth is NOT something that should be flushed down the toilet.

That may be pretty common knowledge, but did you know about these other things that shouldn’t make their way down the plumbing?

7 Things that Cannot be Flushed Down the Toilet


Hair may seem harmless, but it doesn’t disintegrate and it can get wrapped around things.  Even though you may already be in the habit of tossing hair into the toilet after cleaning out your brush, next time throw it in the trash.

Feminine products

For some people this may be kind of a “mind blowing” realization, but it’s true.  Dispose of these in waste baskets instead.

Baby wipes/sanitizing wipes

Even if they say “flushable,” they still just don’t break down as easily as toilet paper days, according to Mike Agugliaro told TODAY.

Cat poop (in litter)

It’s poop! You might say.  It should go in a toilet! True, but cat excretions in litter turn into dehydrated rocks, which means there is a high chance of them getting stuck and causing a clog.


Flushing medicine seems like the best way to safely get rid of unused medication without worrying about children or pets getting ahold of it.  However, all of the chemicals found in medications are being found in our lakes and streams.  The University of Illinois points out, “Septic systems and most municipal wastewater treatment facilities are not designed to remove pharmaceutical chemicals from the water.”

Instead of flushing or throwing old medicine in the trash, it is recommended to find a secure collection program or mail back program.


The whole concept of disposable diapers is that they are meant to absorb liquid–and they do a pretty impressive job of it.  If flushed down the toilet they will swell with water, leading to clogs.


Toilets are common goldfish burial grounds, but fish (dead or alive) won’t break apart in water.  Please, find another way to lay your pet to rest.


If for some reason, you, or a troublesome two-year-old, puts something in the toilet that shouldn’t be there, just give contact us at Flame!

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