3 Ways to Keep Spring Allergies Out of Your Home

For some people, spring is a time of misery.  It is filled with watery eyes, scratchy throats, and runny noses.  Allergy sufferers can have a hard time enjoying the spring season.  What makes it even worse is when spring allergy triggers, such as pollen, come into your home.  Though at Flame we can’t make your spring allergies disappear totally, or get rid of the outside pollen, here are 3 ways to make it easier to breathe inside your own home.

  1. Install an air purifier-   Invest in a high efficiency air purifier for your home and make sure to clean or change the filter frequently.  These air purifiers, such as Bryant Perfect Air, are installed within your heating and cooling system and work to remove common allergy triggers from your whole home.
  2. Use the air conditioner- Spring seems like the perfect time to turn the furnace off, open the windows, and just let the outside air cool you down, right?  Unfortunately, open windows can be terrible for allergies.  If your home is too warm, use the air conditioner to cool it down instead of letting in pollen through the windows.
  3. Keep your home clean- Frequently dust areas such as bookshelves that could collect pollen, and make sure to vacuum a few times per week.

If you would like to learn more about keeping your home’s air clean and allergy free, contact Flame!  This information and these strategies came from WebMD, click here to learn more.


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