8 Easy Backyard Water Activities to Try this Summer

8 Backyard Water Activities to Try this SummerThe first day of summer has come and gone, and now it’s officially time to start spending your days outside as much as possible.  Though your kids may be asking to head to the nearest swimming pool or water park, that’s not always feasible.  Maybe it’s far, or maybe it’s expensive, but that doesn’t mean you can’t cool off in other ways.

So, check out some these fun and simple backyard water activities you can do right outside of your home.  (Bonus:  turn up the thermostat while you’re playing outside and give the air conditioner a break.  You will stay cool AND save money.)

8 Easy Backyard Water Activities

1. Water Balloon Piñata

This game is a spin-off on a traditional piñata game.  Instead of stringing up a piñata full of candy, hang balloons filled with water from the trees in your backyard and swing away.

2. DIY Slip’n’slide

An oldie but a goodie.  The best slip’n’slides are the ones made from tarps or plastic sheets, a little shampoo, and a little bit of water.

3. Water Balloon Baseball

This is one seems pretty self-explanatory.  Instead of a baseball or a softball, have fun pitching and throwing water balloons.  Looking for a more eco-friendly option?  Use soaked kitchen sponges instead that can be reused day after day.

4. Water Kickball

You know that old baby pool that’s been taking up room in the garage?  It’s time to haul it back out and use it as home plate in this game of water kickball.

5. Water Limbo

Hose?  Check.  That’s all you need for this game.  See just how low you can go without getting sprayed!  Use a straight stream from the hose in place of a traditional limbo bar.

6. Drip Drip Drop

Kids love playing this version of ‘Duck Duck Goose’–especially when they can get the grown ups involved too!  Whoever is ‘it’ carries around a cup of water with them.  Instead of saying, “duck, duck, goose,” the person who is ‘it’ says, “drip, drip, drop.”  When they’ve chosen the person to tag, they say “drop” and dump the cup of water on them.  Then, the chase begins!

7. Water tables

Water tables are great for young kids, even those babies who aren’t quite standing on their own yet.  Though you can buy them at most toy stores, you can also DIY one fairly easily.

8. Sprinklers

Nothing says backyard water fun like a good old fashioned sprinkler!  Hours of fun plus a little H2O for your lawn?  Sounds like a great eco friendly day.

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