A Simple Guide to Reducing Germs in the Bathtub

A simple guide to reducing germs in the bathtubIt turns out that baths are pretty controversial topic.  Either you love soaking in the bathtub, or you think that they are absolutely disgusting.  Now, we are going to stay neutral here and not say whether or not we prefer baths or showers.

That said, one thing that seems to be clear is that showers are cleaner than baths.  In fact, scientists have found that bathtubs can actually house more germs than a trash can.  However, baths can serve a great purpose.  According to Healthline, baths can be beneficial for relaxation, lessening inflammation, and to relieve congestion.

So, how can you still reap the benefits of a bath without cringing about germs and dead skin cells in the water?

Check out these 4 tips making your bathtub less germy:

1. Include a shower as part of the bath

Angie’s List suggests showering before soaking in the tub in order to wash off dead skin cells and dirt.  Just like how most pools require a shower before entering.  Another option is to shower after the bath and rinse all of the yuck bath water off afterward.

2. Clean the bathtub after each use

I know, cleaning the tub every time you take a bath really seems to cancel all of that relaxing, right?  Well, you do not need to scrub and deep clean the bathtub each time, but rinsing the whole tub with water and spraying a simple disinfectant such as this DIY one can help to prevent scum build-up and keep the germs at bay.

3. Regularly clean bath toys

If you have young children, you know that a bath just isn’t a bath without a few (or, a lot) of toys.  Those toys, while fun to play with, can be breeding grounds for bacteria.  Throw them in the dishwasher every so often to keep them clean.

4. Keep the drain clear

A clogged drain means that any soap, dirt, oil, bacteria, grime, etc… cannot properly get drained away.  Regularly clear out hair and other gunk on the drain that builds up over time.  You can also use DIY drain cleaning strategies to help keep it clean.  If things get really clogged up, call in a professional plumber to come help.

There you have it.  With a little bit of extra effort, you can still enjoy your baths and stay clean.  Looking for more information about our residential plumbing services?  Contact us at Flame Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, and Electrical!

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