Air Conditioner Inspections Rescheduled on Account of Rain

Scheduling an air conditioner inspection is a fantastic way to be sure that your air conditioner will run seamlessly without any ‘hiccups’ this summer.  In fact, both your air conditioner and your furnace should be inspected on an annual basis.  The problem is that the weather can sometimes disrupt the best laid plans.  Due to the nature of the inspection, air conditioner inspections cannot occur during the rain. It is a serious safety hazard for the technicians to be working on the air conditioner while it is raining.

If it is raining during the day and time of your inspection, Flame will do its absolute best to reschedule you at the time most convenient for you.  Furthermore, if the weather forecast calls for rain, you can feel free to get a jump on things and re-schedule the appointment yourself.  Please remember that even if your inspection has to be rescheduled, it is still an integral piece of your air conditioner’s maintenance and well-being.

For more information about air conditioner inspections, or if you wish to schedule one, please contact Flame! 

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