Air Conditioning Problems? It Could Be the Dog’s Fault

Air conditioning problem? It could be the dog's fault!If you have a dog, then you know how the same four legged furry creature can make your heart melt and drive you crazy within a matter of moments.  Somehow seeing their tail wag at the sight of you can make up for the all of the chewed up shoes, the hole in the couch, and the slight smell in the carpet that you can’t seem to totally get rid of….  Puppies and dogs are a lot of work, but they are worth it.

Some damage is inevitable when it comes to dogs, especially with puppies, but one thing you want to watch out for is damage done to your air conditioner.  If your air conditioner is in your backyard, or in an area easily accessed by your dog, some of our four legged friends find it tempting to urinate on it.  When this happens frequently, the urine can eat away at the metal and eventually the coil inside that contains refrigerant.  This can lead to air conditioning problems.

So, how can you stop this?  You can buy certain spray products that deter dogs from urinating in specific areas, you can build a fence or plant bushes around the air conditioner, or, if you are building a new home–consider putting the a/c in an area that can’t be accessed by your dog.

Take a look outside the next time that you let your dog out, just to make sure they aren’t heading towards your air conditioner.  If you are having air conditioning problems…it really could be the dog’s fault.  For more information about residential cooling, contact Flame!


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