Automatic Generators Lessen Effects of Power Outage

Last week in Metro Detroit hundreds of thousands of people lost power due to a wind storm.  Many of those people lost power for multiple days.  Businesses were affected and people were without heat in their homes.  A power outage is not only inconvenient, it is also dangerous, especially in cold winter weather. When the power goes out, most homes will lose heat as well.

At Flame, we want to ensure that people stay comfortable, and safe.  One way to do this during a power outage is with an investment in an automatic generator.  This is a large investment, but these generators can end up offering you safety, comfort, convenience, and even savings.  What is so great about these generators?

  • They turn on automatically when a power outage is sensed.
  • An automatic generator can actually power most of your home, depending on the size.
  • Unlike portable generators, an automatic generator is connected to the gas line so it does not need to keep being refilled.
  • No need to waste food from a refrigerator or freezer without power.

A generator is not a product that just allows you to keep watching TV.  More than that, it will help you keep your family safe and warm during a power outage.  For more information about automatic generators, contact Flame!


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