Automatic Natural Gas Generators Can Help Prevent Losing Power

Flame would like to offer its sincerest sympathies and condolences  to the victims of Hurricane Sandy and their families.  Millions along the East coast were without power for days while some still are.  With temperatures dropping and another storm on its way many people are faced with having to deal with wintry conditions without electricity or heat. Flame would like to remind you that one way to prepare for storms and power outages such as this is through investing in a natural gas generator.

An automatic natural gas generator will turn on as soon as it sense that there is a loss of power meaning that your home is not without power for long. I know of many people who live in New Jersey but happened to be down in Florida during Hurricane Sandy.  An automatic natural gas generator would have given them the peace of mind that they would not have lost power and the things that go with it (freezer food, sump pumps etc…)  One of the biggest perks of a natural gas generator is that unlike a portable gasoline generator you do not have to constantly fill it up with gas, it is connected to a gas line.  With the gas shortage’s in New York and New Jersey, this is imperative.

For more information, please contact Flame, and remember to keep those affected by Hurricane Sandy in your thoughts and prayers.

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