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Every year, usually sometime in December, I have to resort to a treatment that I call “lotion socks.”  I slather copious amounts of hand cream on my hands and put an old pair of socks over them before I go to bed.  I did not always dream of being a sock puppet master, but unfortunately dry, Michigan weather has meant that every winter my hands are in need of “lotion socks.”  Lotion socks are somewhat effective, but not the most convenient way of dealing with what Mother Nature has in store for our skin.

According to Energy Star, “Dry indoor air can contribute to dry throat and skin and static shocks.”  Dry air can enter your home through leaks, so having a professional perform an energy evaluation like Flame’s E3 can help to lessen some of the effects.  In addition, here are some of the other ways from WebMD and Flame to give your skin the moisture it needs.

Dry Skin


-Take Short Showers.  Longer showers will dry out your skin, so its better to keep it short and sweet.  Think how much you will save on your water bill too!

-Drink lots of water.

Put lotion on while you skin is still damp.  According to WebMD you should “Apply a moisturizer within three to five minutes of washing to lock moisture in.”

Eat foods high in Omega-3’s.  These fatty acid filled foods will help keep the oil in you skin.

Install a humidifier.  You can fill up a portable humidifier for individual rooms or invest in a whole home humidifier.  A whole home humidifier works with your heat and cooling system to keep your home at the same level of humidity year round.  This could greatly help your skin.

If you are interested in learning more about cranking up the humidity at home through humidifiers or sealing off leaks, please contact Flame! 


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