The Best Temperature for Sleeping

Does it seem like everything is more apparent at night?  When you are trying to sleep, all noise seems a little louder, all lights seem a little brighter, and the room can easily seem too hot or too cold.  When it comes to temperature many of us aren’t just being picky with how cold or hot we like it.  There really is an ideal temperature for sleep.

According to the National Sleep Foundation at Sleep.org, a recommended room temperature is between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit, and “Thermostat settings far lower or higher than what’s recommended could lead to restlessness and can also affect the quality of REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, the stage in which you dream.”

When setting your thermostat at night or programming it ahead of time, consider these guidelines in order to help you and your family get a good night’s sleep.  If you have babies or toddlers in your home, the recommended temperature is slightly higher: between 65 and 70 degrees.

Another way to improve your sleep?  Wear socks!  “…as cold feet, in particular, can be very disruptive to sleep” (WebMD).

If you would like to learn more about programming a thermostat to increase the quality of your sleep and your home’s efficiency, contact Flame!

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