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4 Tips to Make Leaf Clean Up Easier

In the summers we mow the lawn, in the winters we shovel the snow, and in the fall, we rake the leaves.  The fall leaf clean up is a responsibility that most homeowners or renters need to deal with, and it can sometimes be a big pain.  We are here to offer some tips for making it as easy as possible.

4 Tips to Make Fall Leaf Clean Up Easier

1. Don’t try to look cool

Raking leaves can be dusty–and even sweaty–work.  Dress for the part by wearing old work clothes and closed toed shoes.  Wear gloves to prevent blisters, and consider wearing mask if you suffer from allergies.

2. Invest in the right equipment for leaf clean up

Cleaning up your yard does not need to be a high tech undertaking, but it does help to equip yourself with the right tools.  Here are few ideas:

A tarp– tarps are especially handy if you do not need to bag your leaves and simply need to move them to the curb.

An ergonomic rake-if you suffer from back problems or want to avoid them, an ergonomic rake may be your best choice.  However, an ergonomic rake is no substitute for using proper form while raking.

A leaf blower-a leaf blower can clear your lawn quickly.  However, some of the cons include the fact that they aren’t as energy efficient as rakes, and that rakes can give you the added benefit of also removing lawn thatch.

3. Choose your timing wisely

Meaning, wet leaves are much harder to rake than dry ones, so wait until the forecast is clear.  Also, do your best to wait until the majority of the leaves in your yard have fallen before doing a big clean-up.

4. Pay attention to where you are raking

Instead of venting out of the chimney, high efficiency furnaces (90% AFUE or higher) have intake and exhaust pipes located along the side of your home–often low to the ground.  These pipes are made of PVC, and if they became clogged it can cause your furnace to stop working properly.

If you have a high efficiency furnace, before beginning to clean up the fallen leaves around your home, take note of where these pipes are.  Check to make sure that no fallen leaves have entered them, and be mindful that you do not blow or rake leaves toward them during your fall clean up.

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