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45 Days of Heat Hurting the Pocketbook?

Congratulations Detroit, we hit a record this summer!  Detroit recently clocked in a new record of 45 straight days with temperatures hitting over 80 degrees.  Though it is always fun to break a record, that also may have been 45 straight days of air conditioning for some of us.  Those bills are not as amusing.  The question is now, what can be done about it?  Mother Nature will not reimburse you for all her heat this summer and most likely you will not be able to convince your neighbors to pay your bills either.  Therefore here are some ways that FLAME can help you save money.

Turn down the A/C:

According to the Detroit News, temperatures should start cooling down and so you can ease off on the air conditioning in your home.  Think about utilizing your air conditioning efficiently so that is only running (or running more) when most people are home.  If no one is home during the day, turn the temperature up.

Furnace Inspection:

A furnace inspection?  I am trying to save money on air conditioning bills!  Yes, this may seem a little counterintuitive, but the deal is that DTE is offering a $50 rebate for having a furnace inspection and tune up that will help make your furnace run more efficiently.  This helps you in two ways: One, $50 off (duh) and Two, this could help increase your furnace efficiency which will lower your heating bills this winter.

Energy Efficiency Kits

Consumer’s Energy is helping FLAME give out free Energy Efficiency Kits which consists of: three 13-watt compact fluorescent light bulbs, two 23-watt compact fluorescent light bulbs, two lengths of pipe insulation, one low-flow showerhead, and one kitchen and bathroom low-flow faucet aerator.  These things are FREE and will be installed for FREE by FLAME.  Not only are they FREE (have I said that enough?) but they will help reduce your upcoming bills in the long run.

Don’t Eat or Drink and Shut Off your Power:

Just Kidding.  But that would save you money, though I do not suggest doing this…it is bad for your health.

If you have any questions or concerns about these services, please contact FLAME!

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