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5 No-Bake Desserts to Keep Cooling Costs Down

On a hot summer day the thought of coming inside to spend time in front of a hot stove or oven is really unappealing.  Not only can it make you feel hot and uncomfortable, using the oven actually increases the indoor temperature of your home causing your air conditioner to work harder.  Hot, uncomfortable, and higher a/c bills?  No thank you!

Thankfully, you don’t need to starve or stick to eating raw vegetables and chips all summer in order to keep your cooling bills down.  There are plenty of ways to prepare food without using your oven.  We explore some delicious recipes in this post, but today we are going to focus solely on the sweets!  Typically we think of desserts, such as cookies and cakes, as being baked, but there are loads of other options available.  We reached out and asked what people’s favorite no-bake desserts are and here is the list that we compiled:

5 No-Bake Desserts to Keep Cooling Costs Down

1. Healthy 4-Ingredient Samoa Cookies

Eating Bird Food brings you the ultimate Girl Scout cookie treat.  For you Girl Scout cookie fans you do not even need to wait until cookie ordering season comes around.  You can easily whip up a batch of these healthy sweet streets, and keep your air conditioning bills down.  Though the recipe calls for toasting the shredded coconut in the oven, it can also be done on your stove top.

2. Rice Krispies Treats

When on the search for a perfect dessert, it never hurts to fall back on a classic.  With just 3 ingredients, Rice Krispies treats are easy and delicious every single time.  Click here for the original recipe or here for some fun variations.

3. Ice Box Cakes

This Lemon Sugar Ice Box cake looks delicious, but there are plenty of ways to switch things up and tailor an ice box cake to your own tastes.  No oven, no stove…perfect for a hot summer day!

4. Fruit and Homemade Whipped Cream

Sometimes fresh summer berries are exactly what you want, and when you pair those juicy berries with homemade whipped cream, what could be better?  One response even suggested adding a splash of lime to your whipped cream in order to take it to the next level.

5. Dessert Nachos

Cinnamon sugar pita chips + vanilla ice cream + fruit + chocolate sauce = deliciousness.  Spread a layer of cinnamon sugar pita chips on a baking sheet, top with ice cream, fruit, and chocolate sauce and presto–a cold, delicious, dessert!

Do you have any favorite no-bake desserts?  Please share with us!

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