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5 Surprising Things Contributing to Your Home’s Energy Loss

When we think about energy loss in our homes, we often think about the obvious:  lights left on, doors left open, and running the air conditioner at full blast.  And, while it is true, that all of these things can be major sources of energy loss in your home, there are other places in your home that may also be losing energy.  Here are 5 surprising things causing your home to lose energy.

5 Surprising Things Contributing to Your Home’s Energy Loss

1. Recessed lights

In newer homes, recessed lights are a popular lighting option.  They are clean, sleek, and allow rooms to be incredibly bright and well lit.  However, that comes at a cost.  Because recessed lights get so hot, there needs to be a large space incorporated above them, or holes drilled on top, which results in the loss of your home’s heated and or cooled air.  This is especially true when these holes go directly to an unconditioned attic space.  The good news is that insulation caps can be placed over the unseen aspects of these light fixtures that allow the heat the space it needs while also restricting  energy loss.

2. Blocked air registers

I know that vents or registers can be unsightly.  I know that you want your couch right. over. there.  But, blocking the vents with furniture is a sure way to lose energy and raise your utility bills.  As much as possible, keep your air registers clear.

3. Dirty filters

Your home’s furnace filter should be changed or clean at least every 3 months.  When it is clogged with dirt, not only can it not effectively keep your air as clean, it also makes it much harder for your furnace to heat your home.  This leads to greater energy usage by the furnace.

4. A leaky faucet

A simple leaky faucet can seem benign, and fixing it might get pushed to the bottom of your list.  This drip calculator can show you how that supposed ‘drop in the bucket’ can really add up over time though and be a significant contributor to energy loss.

5. Vampire electric loads

Vampire power, phantom power, or standby power is the electric load that continues to be used by appliances that are plugged into outlets–even if they are turned off.  Microwaves, televisions, and cellphone chargers are all culprits of this, but click here to learn about others.  An easy fix is to plug devices into power strips instead of directly into then outlet.  Then, when are you done with using something, switch off the power strip.

Looking to learn about more ways to lessen energy loss in your home?  Contact us at FLAME Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, and Electrical.

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