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6 Celebrities with a Past in Plumbing and Electrical Work

With well-known celebrities, it is hard to think about a life before they became what we know them as today.  But, just like anybody-they have a past.  For this list of celebrities, that list includes plumbing and electrical work.  Some had more distinguished plumbing or electrical careers than others, but all of these men have a background in the area.

6 Celebrities with a Past in Plumbing and Electrical Work

1. Ozzy Osbourne

This famous heavy metal rocker and reality TV star had training as a plumber.  Wikipedia states, “Osbourne left school at 15 and was employed as a construction site labourer, trainee plumber, apprentice toolmaker, car factory horn-tuner, and abattoir worker.”

2. Sir Michael Caine

Known for his Academy Award winning acting and signature Cockney accent, this acclaimed British actor actually spent time working as a plumber after serving in Korea in the military.

3. Elvis Presley

Just before his music career took off, “The King” worked for Crown Electric for $1.00/hour.  He delivered supplies and looked to be trained as an electrician.

4. George Harrison

More commonly recognized as The Beatles’ guitarist, Harrison had a very brief stint as an electrician’s apprentice.  According to an interview with Harrison, he “…kept blowing stuff up….”  We should probably be grateful that he instead went on to worldwide fame with The Beatles.

5. Liam Cunningham

Many years before acting on Game of Thrones, Irish actor Liam Cunningham actually left school at age 15 in order to work as an electrician.  Cunningham even spent three years in Zimbabwe work with the electric equipment for a safari park while also training other electricians.

6. Joe Cocker

Another musician with a plumbing background.  Reuters writes, “The Grammy winner was born into a working-class family and worked as a plumber while pursuing his singing career.”

Clearly all of the above people had destinies that lied outside of the plumbing or electrical fields, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t think plumbing and electrical work is some of the most important work there is.  To learn more about residential plumbing and electrical services, or about the qualifications of our own plumbers and electricians, contact us at FLAME Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, and Electrical.

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