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6 Tips to Help You Survive Without a Kitchen Sink

Often times kitchen remodels and even some plumbing repairs require you to be without the use of some kitchen items that you are pretty accustomed to, such as the sink or dishwasher.  Though it can be daunting to think of surviving without a kitchen sink, we are here to tell you that it can be done.

Read some of our tried and true tips to help you survive this phase of life.

How to Survive Without a Kitchen Sink

1. Accept that life will be different

When you are missing your kitchen sink, it is best to simply accept that while it is gone, life will look a little bit different.  You may be eating different foods, the house may seem a little more chaotic, and you may feel wasteful.  However, accept that this is a short (even if it doesn’t feel like it!) time in life and soon you will be back to a normal routine.

2. Identify what you have and plan accordingly

Will you only be missing your sink but still have access to the rest of the kitchen?  Will you be able to use your refrigerator?  Or, do you have a second refrigerator in the basement or garage?  What about a microwave or toaster?  These are all questions you should try to answer before any work is done.  Then, you can plan accordingly in regard to what kinds of foods to stock up on.

3. Create an alternative kitchen sink area

Whether it is a bathroom sink or a laundry tub, try to set up some sort of designated kitchen sink area.  Have dish soap and a dish brush nearby and a drying mat or rack as well as towels in easy reach.  This will make it much easier to wash dirty dishes.

4. Have a designated place for dirty dishes

Depending where your temporary kitchen sink area is located this may not be necessary.  If you will need to go to the basement for dishwashing or your don’t want to crowd up the bathroom, then we recommend having a tub or bin somewhere convenient where you can place all dirty dishes in until you have a moment to carry them to where they need to go and wash them all at once.  This will help to keep things much more organized.

5. Stock up on paper plates and plastic utensils

Even without a kitchen sink, there probably will be at least few dishes to wash which is why you want to have a washing station ready.  However, it will be much easier if you plan to mostly use paper plates and plastic utensils.  Though this can be more expensive, and it definitely is not as good for the environment, if it saves your sanity for this short amount of time, it could be worth it.

6. Treat yourself

As mentioned above, this time in your life without a kitchen sink is different, it’s difficult, and it will be short lived.  So, go ahead and treat yourself a little bit.  Order carryout, head out to dinner, and stock up on all of those easy to grab snacks.

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