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A Complete Guide to Natural Drain and Toilet Cleaners

Sinks and toilets get a lot of attention in the cleaning world…as they should.  They are definitely areas in your home where bacteria is introduced and where it can continue to grow.  Eww.  Head to the store and you will find plenty of commercial cleaning products lining the shelves for these germ-y areas of your home, but most products you find in the store are filled with harsh chemicals.

These chemical based cleaners can be particularly dangerous in homes with small children-especially since many of them come in such fun and appealing colors (babies and toddlers LOVE bright colors).

The good news is that you can keep you drains clean and toilets disinfected without buying chemical based cleaning products.  In fact, you can even do so with items you probably already have around your home.  Go ahead, and read about these natural drain and toilet cleaners.

Four Natural Drain and Toilet Cleaners


If you want to get into green cleaning, vinegar is the number one product you need to have on hand. Known for its disinfectant qualities, studies have shown that vinegar is just as effective as bleach at getting rid of E. coli.  Typically distilled white vinegar is used for cleaning purposes.  It can be used to clean toilets and sink drains.  Often, it is used in conjunction with baking soda for drain and toilet cleaning.

Baking Soda

Oh, baking soda-the world sings your praises!  It keeps our refrigerators fresh, it helps our baked goods rise, and it cleans our drains and toilets.  Though it doesn’t disinfect, its abrasive nature makes it great for scrubbing.  Plus, baking soda is a base, which means when combined with an acid, such as vinegar, that reaction is also good for cleaning purposes.


Lemons have antibacterial properties and smell great!  Check out a recipe for a DIY toilet bowl cleaner using lemons from DIY Natural.

Essential Oils

Essential oils have become incredibly popular for everything from helping babies sleep to curing colds to cleaning toilets.  Some oils, such as tea tree oil have anti-bacterials properties, while other oils simply will add a nice scent as you clean.  They can be added to your natural drain and toilet cleaners.  When using essential oils, be sure to check with a doctor about while oils are safe and how to use them.

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