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All You Ever Wanted to Know about Air Conditioner Inspections (but were afraid to ask)

Air conditioner is a word that is part of our daily lives and vocabulary.  Depending on the temperature of the day, some may even say that air conditioning is a necessity.  We may take our cool air for granted and forget about the actual machine that is working hard in our homes or office buildings, but the air conditioner still needs to be taken care of.  The best way that you can take care of your air conditioner is through an air conditioner inspection.  The idea of an air conditioner inspection sounds good and important, but what is it really?


FLAME Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical NATE (North American Technician Excellence) Certified technicians will be performing the inspection.  They are all experienced and have been well trained.


This inspection is a full inspection.  It checks the:  belts, filters, condenser, contactor and also the heat exchanger.  It lasts for about 45 minutes to an hour.


You can schedule an air conditioner inspection at any time for a time that is near or far in the future depending on your schedule or FLAME’s schedule.  Air conditioner inspections happen in the spring and the summer.  Spring tends to be a better time since then the air conditioner will be all checked out and ready to go for the summer’s warm weather.  However, if it is raining, it is dangerous for the technicians to be working on the outside condenser units and so it is impossible for them to complete the inspection.  The temperature also has to be at least 65 degrees out.  It is difficult to guess when it is going to rain, but you can probably hypothesize about what temperature certain days will be, so keep that in mind when scheduling the inspection.


The inspection will occur both inside and outside your home as technicians check both the outside condenser unit and the inside parts.


Inspections are incredibly important for the life of your air conditioner.  They can help to detect problems before they become large problems and cause major economic and heat stress later.

Feel free to Contact FLAME if you have any more questions or would like to schedule yours!

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