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Don’t just Winterize your Home, Winterize Yourself!

At home and work we have furnaces or boilers to keep us warm, but what about those times when we are not inside?  (Or for those people who like to keep the heat down to save money).  It is still just as important to stay warm when you are exposed to the elements.  Since I do not consider myself an expert in dressing warmly (I often fail miserably-ask me about any time I have gone out Christmas Caroling with a church), I decided to do some research into the matter and here is what I found about dressing for cold weather.

The Top of the List

The head!  The head is the number one thing that your body works to keep warm.  It will take heat from other areas in order to protect your brain.  About 40% of heat is lost through your head.  Therefore, you should help yourself out and provide some extra cover for your head from a hat or a hood.


Didn’t your mother ever tell you to pack or wear layers?  She was right.  Layers not only provide more insulation for your body, but they also give you your very own thermostat (it’s a heating and cooling blog, I had to throw that in there).  If you are too hot, you simply take a layer off.  This helps to keep you comfortable but it will also ensure that you do not make yourself colder by sweating through your clothing.


Every good fashionista knows that true fashion is about the details and accessories.  The same can be true here as well.  This means wear warm wool socks, warm gloves/mittens and scarf or neck gator.  The goal is to cover as much of you as possible and also to block off any “holes” where cold air could get under your jacket.

Watch the Weather

We all know it, Michigan weather changes all the time, therefore you should keep current in order to dress appropriately.  Nowadays it probably isn’t even necessary to watch the weather so much as just look at your smartphone.  Every morning before I go running I check the weather on my phone to figure out how to dress.

Share the Warmth

‘Tis the Season, though we should be doing this every season, to help others.  If you have excess coats or coats that you or your family members have grown out of, you can drop them off at the “Bundle Up Michigan!” Coat Drive through the Society of St. Vincent de Paul Detroit.  FLAME is collecting coats for this coat drive at their offices.

This winter you should be sure to not just have your furnace ready for the winter, but also your wardrobe.

If you have any questions about heating your home or the coat drive, please feel free to Contact FLAME!  Information for these blogs was found at: eHow “How to Dress Warmly in the Winter” and WebsiteRepairGuy:  12 Tips to Help You Choose Warm Clothes.

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