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Electrical Inspections on Sale!

 Once the temperatures start dropping and the days get shorter one thing that you do not want to have is electrical problems.  Would you want your power to go out when it is cold and dark out?

That is why it is important to have an electrical inspection done on your home now, while you can still spend all your days outside.  FLAME’s Electrical Inspection includes:

  1. Check all switches: single pole, three ways, and four way for proper operation.
  2. Check for correct polarity on all 110 volt duplex devices.
  3. Check G.F.I. devices for proper operation. **
  4. Check for correct grounding on all 110 volt duplex devices. *
  5. Check G.F.I. devices for proper locations. As per electrical code. **
  6. Check smoke detector 110 volt and battery for proper operation.
  7. Check for carbon monoxide detector.
  8. Check electrical panel for correct labeling.
  9. Check for proper grounding in the electrical panel. *
  10. Check for proper grounding at the water meter. *
  11. Check for electrical ground rod connection outside. *
  12. Check for damaged electrical devices.
  13. Check for damaged electrical device covers in the house.
  14. Check for weatherproof covers on all outside devices.
  15. Check all outdoor lighting for proper operation.
  16. Check for bath exhaust fan operation.
  17. Check for proper operation on doorbell system.
  18. Check dedicated circuits, furnace, refrigerator, dishwasher, etc.
  19. Check all breakers for loose wire connection.
  20. Check for loose wire connection on neutral bars in the electrical panel.
  21. Check for sub electrical panels. Stairways, garage, sheds, etc.

*Grounding is the bond between your electrical equipment and the earth.
**G.F.I. stands for ground fault interrupt device normally near water location.

If you do not want any electrical problems interrupting your summer finales, be sure to have everything checked out.  Another reason to get an electrical inspection right now from FLAME?  It’s on SALE! Who does not love sales? If you are interested in scheduling an electrical inspection or have more questions, Contact FLAME!

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