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Heating Large Spaces: Do as the Romans Did (sort of)

When I visited Italy, I looked at ancient Roman baths holding thousands of people. They had incredibly tall ceilings, and I thought these buildings must have become pretty chilly in the winter. Though here in the United States in the 21st century, we do not have large bathing houses filled with ornate sculptures that we have to heat. We face that same heating problem with warehouses, indoor tennis courts, garages, etc.

A typical furnace heats the air, and as you know, heat rises. Therefore in these large buildings with high ceilings, a furnace needs to heat a lot of air before it begins to make the area where humans are at a comfortable temperature. There is another option, and that is infrared gas-fired radiant heating. This uses radiant tube heaters or spot radiant heaters that heat objects instead of air. By doing this, these heaters give people instant warmth when they stand underneath one. People are not the only objects heated, other articles are warmed up as well, and they, in turn, radiate heat into the air.

What are the advantages of this type of heating?

  • More economical than a traditional furnace because the whole space does not have to be heated, so less fuel and energy are consumed.
  • People can be warmed up quickly! Even though these radiant heaters may still be working on warming up the area when a person stands under one, they are warm right away-they do not need to wait for the whole building to get warm.

The forms these heaters come in are either tubes or spots. As its name suggests, the tube heater is a long tube-like device that can range from 30 feet long up to 100 feet plus! Spot heaters are small and rectangular. They are used to heat up more specific, more minor areas, for example, just one person working a single machine or station.

I am not sure how the Romans solved their heating problems in big open spaces, but you can Contact FLAME to find out how to solve yours with infrared gas-fired heating equipment.

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