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Is your Furnace Too Old?

Unlike certain things (wine, cheese, etc.), furnaces do not improve with time. Though 14 or 20 may not seem like old ages to you, a furnace’s typical life span is only about that long, 14-20 years (if it is well maintained).

Hopefully, this will get you thinking. Is your furnace too old? Have you not replaced it since your bought your house 15 years ago? Then it probably is. The good news is that furnaces are more energy-efficient today than 15 years ago, so that a new furnace will save you more money on your heating bills.

Also, remember that in some way, 14-20 years may not seem like a long time, but it is still a fair-length investment. Though some energy-efficient furnaces may seem a little pricey, the savings it gives you could add up during their life span.

So start thinking about how old your furnace may be….  Contact FLAME with any Questions!

(Info taken from http://www.galttech.com/research/household-DIY-tools/replacing-a-furnace.php)

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