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It’s Time to Get Warm!

Do you have cold feet?  I mean literally, cold feet?  Arghh during the winter I feel like my hands and feet are constantly cold.  Unfortunately, it is not always to my economic advantage to keep cranking the heat up and right now is not the time to put radiant heating in my floor boards.  So here are some energy saving ways to keep your toes warm:

  1. On the rare sunny days, open your curtains and blinds to let the sun shine through, because it will warm up your home.
  2. Wear socks or slippers around your home
  3. Use a lot of blankets, and always bundle up
  4. Drink hot chocolate, hot tea, or hot coffee…
  5. Eat hot soup or chili
  6. Put rugs on bare floors, because they can help to keep your feet warm, especially if those floors are above a chilly basement.
  7. Weather stripping and insulation can help to keep warm air in, cold air out, and your heating bills down.
  8. A programmable thermostat also helps to keep your house warm when you need it, but it turns down the heat when you do not (for example, when everyone is at work or school during the day) and therefore it saves you money.
  9. Light a fire, and when you are done, close the chimney flue so that your warm air does not escape.
  10. Use a humidifier, or have a built in one installed by your duct work.  Humid air feels warmer than dry air.
  11. Exercise: Breaking a sweat and working out is not only good for you, but it will increase your body temperature
  12. Get your bed ready for winter with flannel sheets and a down comforter!
  13. A high efficiency furnace can help heat your home while wasting less energy than other furnaces.
  14. Wear a coat, mittens/gloves, scarf, hat, boots

Hopefully these have helped, good luck!  If you have any questions about things such as a humidifier or insulation…please contact FLAME!

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