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Michigan Air Duct Cleaning Can Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

You might think that only external pollution can have adverse effects on your family’s health, but that’s no reason to ignore your home’s indoor air quality. If not properly kept at bay, indoor air pollutants could be just as detrimental to your family’s health as outdoor ones.

There are a lot of factors that might be worsening your home’s indoor air quality, like forgoing regular air duct cleaning. With the help of a Michigan air duct cleaning service you don’t need to worry about these indoor pollutants that might be lurking around your home, which gives you more reasons to breathe easy.


Is anyone in your family suffering from asthma and has it become worse over the past few weeks? Mold might be the cause since it is a commonly known trigger of asthma attacks and it becomes worse when you let mold grow on your HVAC system, particularly on your furnace. Mold grows faster when there is moisture in your systems, thus the best way to tackle this problem is to have your air ducts cleaned by professionals or have them replaced instead of going through all the trouble of cleaning them.

Combustion Devices

Even your home’s heating system could contribute to indoor pollution, particularly if you’re using a combustion-based furnace like a natural gas-fired or oil-burning furnace. Even other heating devices like gas stoves and dryers could contribute to indoor pollution. These kinds of systems and devices, as part of their combustion cycle, produce particles that affect your home’s indoor quality if you don’t ensure that your home’s chimney or exhaust vent are sealed properly.

Cigarette Smoke

If someone in your household smokes, now is the perfect time to consider telling them to stop or at least take it outside. Not only can it cause foul odors that linger on your clothing, carpeting and upholstery, but inhaling secondhand smoke can also aggravate asthma and cause serious respiratory diseases.

Clean Your Indoor Air

Why should you do everything to ensure that your indoor air quality is clean? Medical experts agree that bad air can not only cause asthma attacks but also make people at home experience frequent headaches, longer-lasting colds and bronchitis. Now is the perfect time to clean your air by cleaning your air ducts or having your systems repaired by professionals who offer furnace repair in Detroit, MI, like those from FLAME Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical.


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