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Nest’s Solar Eclipse Energy Rush Hour

The first total solar eclipse since 1979 to be seen from the United States will be happening today, August 21.  You’ve probably heard about all sorts of preparations that you should be making for it.  Maybe you’ve snagged a pair of eclipse glasses, you’ve registered for an eclipse party at a local library or park, and you know to keep your pets inside while its happening.

But, did you ever think about what a total solar eclipse means for our energy usage?  In a blog, “Solar eclipse, meet the Nest Thermostat,” Nest explains how during that time over 100 million solar panels will be affected and unable to produce energy.  Even if it is just for a short while, that dip will create a demand for energy and it will mean traditional power plants will be working extra hard to keep up.

If you have a Nest thermostat, it is easy for you to help out with the need for energy during the solar eclipse:

“So, we’re encouraging people across the US to help offset this drop in energy production by pre-cooling their homes before the eclipse. If you don’t own a Nest thermostat, you can manually adjust the temperature by one or two degrees during the eclipse. If you own a Nest Thermostat that’s eligible to participate*, we’ve made it easy. Here’s what to expect:

  • Look for a special message on your eligible Nest Thermostat a couple days before the eclipse. It’s just one press to join in.
  • If you join, a few hours before the eclipse hits your area, your Nest Thermostat may automatically pre-cool your home so that you can save energy during the eclipse. After the eclipse, your thermostat will go back to its regular schedule.
  • Your Nest Thermostat won’t let your home get too warm. You’re always in control and can change the temperature at any time.”

(Solar eclipse, meet the Nest Thermostat by Ben Bixby)

As you can see, Nest even offers up an option for you to help out, even if you don’t have a Nest Thermostat.  Just, turn your thermostat down a few degrees a few hours before the eclipse to cool down your home, and raise the temperature again during the eclipse.

Enjoy this remarkable event, keep your home cool, and know you’re helping the nation’s energy.  For more information about Nest thermostats, contact FLAME!

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