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Out of TP? 9 Toilet Paper Alternatives to Try

In the mist of the current Coronavirus pandemic, we have also been faced with another crisis:  a toilet paper shortage.  While it’s funny, and you can find plenty of hilarious tweets and memes about it, it is still a very real thing happening right now.

So, when the shelves are empty of TP and even our beloved Amazon is out of stock, what can we do about it?  Here are some toilet paper alternatives to try.

9 Toilet Paper Alternatives

1. Baby wipes

If you already have a stockpile of baby wipes at your house, these can be a great toilet paper alternative.  If they work for babies they can work for grown ups too!  However, we don’t recommend going out to buy baby wipes for the sole purpose of using them as toilet paper right now because parents with little ones still need them.

2. Paper towel/napkins

They might not be as soft, but it will definitely get the job done.

3. Bidet

Good news!  Installing a bidet in your home has become really simple.  You can purchase attachments from Amazon that simply attach to your toilet.  With a bidet, needing toilet paper becomes a thing of the past.

4. Rags or towels

Often referred to as the “Family Cloth,” you can use cut up towels, old t-shirts, or other types of cloth.  Simply keep a sealed hamper next to the toilet to throw soiled cloths into.

5. Sanitary napkin

When in a pinch, unwrapping a sanitary napkin can work just as well as toilet paper.

6. Cotton balls

Soft and thick…check!

7. Plastic squirt bottle

This is a type of DIY bidet.  You can usually find these plastic bottles with squirt nozzles at the drug store.

8. Facial tissue

Many of us have keep Kleenex in our bathroom anyways.  Tissue may be a little thin for a #2, but if you need to just do a quick wipe, it can sub in for TP in a pinch.

9. Other forms of paper

If paper seems like it might be a little tough on the tush, you can always dampen it with a little water first.


The most important thing to remember…

The most important thing to remember with all of these toilet paper alternatives, however is to NOT flush them down the toilet.  Either have a clothes hamper nearby, or a trash can to toss these items into once they are used.

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