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How to Prevent Garbage Disposal Problems

If your kitchen is equipped with a garbage disposal then you know how great it is.  And, you really realize how great it is when suddenly you have problems with it.  Smells? Clogs?  Just plain broken?  Here is how you can prevent or fix some of these common garbage disposal issues so it can keeping working the way you would like it to:

DON’T Put Everything down the Disposal

Sure, we use the term “human garbage disposal” to describe someone that eats anything, but that doesn’t mean that your garbage disposal can or should ‘eat’ everything.

There are certain things you probably already know shouldn’t head down the disposal such as non-food items, bones, and fat.  You should also avoid banana and potato peels, egg shells, and coffee grounds.

Non food items and bones can seriously damage the disposal, and peels, egg shells and coffee grounds can cause clogs.

Use Citrus to Help with the Smell

Do you have some unfortunate odors wafting up from your drain?  Throw an orange peel or a lemon peel down the disposal and turn it on.  Then, enjoy as your kitchen suddenly smells incredibly fresh.

Use Water

According to The Spruce, “The simplest way to avoid a clog is to make sure you flush the disposal with plenty of water when it is grinding up food waste and then for 30 seconds afterward.”

Don’t use chemical cleaners

Cleaners such as bleach can hurt the garbage disposal.  In fact, states, “DO NOT use bleach or other corrosive cleaning liquids with your garbage disposer. This is one mistake many people make. In fact, I once did this and ended up having to buy a new unit because the parts inside were really badly affected, rendering the whole thing useless.”

Instead of bleach, try natural cleaning alternatives such as baking soda and vinegar or rock salt and ice.

Do you feel like you have a serious garbage disposal issue?  Contact FLAME to learn more about our residential plumbing services.

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