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Top Three Reasons Your Garbage Disposal Stops Working

Typically garbage disposals have made life much more convenient for us.  Until they break.  Then it is back to doing things the old fashioned way – by throwing food scraps into the garbage can.  At FLAME we know your pain of a broken disposal, which is why we are here to help.  Here are the top 3 reasons why your garbage disposal may have stopped working:

 1. Getting Old – Let’s face it.  It is possible that your garbage disposal is old and that the motor is worn out.  If this is the case, most likely repair is not the best option and it would be better to have a new garbage disposal installed.

2. Voltage Problem – Garbage disposals need electricity so if there is a voltage problem, whether from a blown fuse or a brown or black out, it could affect your disposal’s functioning.  Check your home’s fuse box to see if you can fix the problem that way, or, if you have lost other power in your home due to outside circumstances, you may just need to wait patiently.

3. Item stuck in the garbage disposal – there are some things, such as chicken bones, that should never be put down the disposal for good reason.  These items can get stuck and block the blades.  When this happens, a breaker located under the sink will typically shut the disposal off.  It is so important, when attempting to clear the stuck item out from the blades, that you make sure the garbage disposal switch is actually turned to OFF.  Otherwise, when the blockage gets cleared the blades could start moving again right away.  You NEVER want to stick your hand in the garbage disposal without being sure that it is actually off-even if it seems like it.

If you have any questions regarding garbage disposal repair, garbage disposal installation, or other residential plumbing services, contact FLAME!

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