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Weather Facts: Whether You Like it or Not!

The heating and cooling business is based upon weather for the most part.  If it is not cold out, you do not need a furnace and vice versa.  Weather also affects other aspects of FLAME’s business, like generators.  For the most part, power outages occur because of severe weather.  Since weather is such a huge part of our lives, here are some fun facts that may make you grateful (or not), that you live where you do.  They may also make you want to think about your furnace, air conditioner or generator and whether or not you need a new one, based upon weather facts.

Top 10 cities with most weather variety (based on temperature variation, precipitation, wind, severe weather):

  1. Springfield, Missouri
  2. Topeka, Kansas
  3. Rochester, Minnesota
  4. Wichita, Kansas
  5. Columbia, Missouri
  6. Des Moines, Iowa
  7. Lincoln, Nebraska
  8. Madison, Wisconsin
  9. Concordia, Kansas
  10. Sioux City, Iowa

Top 10 Tornado states (Avg number of tornadoes per 10,000 square miles, occurring from 1953-2004):

  1. Florida (9.4)
  2. Oklahoma (8.2)
  3. Kansas (6.7)
  4. Iowa (6.6)
  5. Illinois (6.2)
  6. Indiana (6.1)
  7. Mississippi (5.7)
  8. Maryland (5.7)
  9. Louisiana (5.6)
  10. Texas (5.2)

10 hottest US states (Mean annual temperature, F)

  1. Hawaii (71.61)
  2. Florida (70.73)
  3. Louisiana (66.39)
  4. Texas (64.83)
  5. Georgia (63.51)
  6. Mississippi (63.35)
  7. Alabama (62.77)
  8. South Carolina (62.42)
  9. Arkansas (60.42)
  10. Arizona (60.31)

10 coldest US states (Mean annual temperature, F)

  1. Alaska (32.13)
  2. North Dakota (40.43)
  3. Maine (40.97)
  4. Minnesota (41.16)
  5. Wyoming (41.98)
  6. Montana (42.74)
  7. Vermont (42.88)
  8. Wisconsin (43.12)
  9. New Hampshire (43.80)
  10. Idaho (44.39)

Michigan is the 11th Coldest State in the US with a mean annual temperature of 44.41 degrees.  Brrr! (Isn’t it nice to know that our complaining of Michigan cold is somewhat justified by having it be one of  coldest states in the country?)

Detroit, Michigan had a record high temperature of 105 degrees in July, 1934.  It had a record low temperature of -24 degrees in December, 1872.

The facts can be fun to know and the charts above as well as more weather charts can be found at:  Interesting United States Weather Facts and Extremes (http://web2.airmail.net/danb1/usrecords.htm) The Detroit Records can be found at VisitDetroit.Com, Statistics About Detroit

If you are suddenly a little wary that the metro Detroit area may again reach its record cold temperature… Contact FLAME for more information about furnace inspections or a new unit!

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