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What is the Best Temperature for Learning? (Virtual or In-Person)

September is just around the corner, which means that ‘back to school’ is a topic on everyone’s minds.  This year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, ‘back to school’ is probably looking quite a bit different.  Whether you are including masks and hand sanitizer on your shopping list for school supplies, or you are setting up an area in your home for virtual learning, we are all trying to make this academic year a safe and productive one.

No matter where (or how) you are doing school–in the building, a bedroom, or a neighbor’s basement for a learning pod–the indoor temperature can impact how well we learn and perform.  Think about it–if you are sitting in a stuffy room, dripping with sweat, are you at your most productive?  Probably not.  What is the best temperature for learning?

Too Hot? Heat and Academic Performance

A 2017 Harvard study examined the impact that heat had on test scores and capital production.  The abstract states:

“Taking an exam on a 90◦F day relative to a 72◦F day results in a reduction in exam performance that is equivalent to a quarter of the Black-White achievement gap, and meaningfully affects longer-run educational outcomes as well, leading to a 12.3% higher likelihood of failing a subject exam and a 2.5% lower likelihood of on-time high school graduation.”

This is essentially showing us how heat can have serious negative affects on academics in both short and the long-term.  On hot days, make sure that the a/c is running!

Can it Be Too Cold?

On the flip side, once winter hits, we also need to be concerned about temperatures dropping too low.  This could be especially pertinent if schooling is happening in basements this school year.  Some studies have shown that when the temperatures are chilly, such as 68 degrees Fahrenheit, the amount of errors in schoolwork increases.

So, What’s the Just Right Temperature?

Various studies point to a temperature somewhere in the low 70s Fahrenheit as an optimal temperature for learning.  However, That temperature might be slightly different for everyone.  The important thing, is that if you have a child learning at home this year you pay attention to the home’s temperature and how he or she says they feel.

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Happy Back to School!

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