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Why You Should Worry About Your HVAC System After a Basement Flood

With the heavy rains that wreaked havoc across southeastern Michigan this summer, many homeowners woke up to find their basements looking more like large ponds than the room it had been the night before.  Unexpected and extra water in the home is never welcome, but when we find inches to feet of water accumulating then we know we have a major problem.  If you’ve ever dealt with a basement flood, then you know it’s the worst.

In addition to worrying about cleaning or disposing of furniture, salvaging old photographs or children’s art projects, and checking on any televisions or other electronics, you need to worry about your home’s HVAC system.  Before turning it on after a large flood, we recommend having a certified HVAC inspector come and inspect it. (The same goes for your home’s water heater as well.  Do not re-light the pilot light on your own—wait for a professional!)

What kinds of issues can you expect with your HVAC system after a basement flood?  There are three main categories.

The 3 Problems with your HVAC System after a Basement Flood

1. Electrical Concerns

Water and electricity don’t mix, right?  When parts of the furnace or air conditioner are submerged in water there can be a variety of electrical problems and dangers.

2. Health Concerns

Floods, especially when the storm water is mixed with sewage, bring bacteria into the home.  That bacteria can contaminate your HVAC system, which isn’t just a problem in the basement anymore.  It means that the furnace and air conditioner that circulate warm or cool air around your home are now also circulating that same yucky bacteria or mold.  This makes a big problem even bigger.

3. Just plain broken

Your home’s HVAC system was not built to be underwear.  Submersion—especially if its prolonged—can also result in a furnace or air conditioner simply breaking.  This could consist of individual parts that can be fixed or replaced, or the whole system might need to be replaced.

Basement floods are overwhelming, stressful, and expensive.  However, with the right kind of help, your home and your life can get back to normal.  Looking for more information about your HVAC system after a flood?  Contact us at FLAME Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, and Electrical!

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