Book Cases can Help Insulate Home

Adding insulation is one of the easiest ways to increase the efficiency of a home in both the summer and the winter.  When we hear the word insulation, we may only think of keeping warm, but it is actually just as important in the summer months. Insulation works to keep treated (heated or cooled air) inside, while it blocks untreated outside air from coming in and disrupting the balance.  Typically insulation is either made from fiberglass or cellulose (treated and shredded newspaper), and it can be installed professionally, or it can be done as a DIY project.

Generally, it is best to insulate attics and outer walls rather than interior walls.  Looking for another way to increase your home’s insulation without actually adding more real insulation?  Book cases.  Lining the walls with bookcases can actually work as a form of insulation as well as being stylish and functional.  Though book cases can help with your home’s efficiency, they probably should not be used as your only form of insulation.  For more information about making your home as efficient as possible, contact Flame!  Or, check out this article from Stanford Magazine about insulation and energy tips.

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