Brrr! Cold Rooms in Your Home

Years ago a whole family would gather in the main area of the house to stay warm around the fireplace or stove.  However, nowadays with the heating systems available, your family shouldn’t have to do that, unless they want to spend time together!  Do you have rooms in your home that just are not getting heated enough? Most likely this is because your home is improperly fit with duct work and/or a heating and cooling system.  Therefore your existing heating system is not able to heat your entire home and is also working very hard in attempting to do so.  Spending time with your family, especially during the holidays is nice, but sometimes you want to be able to go to bed in your own room without it being freezing!  Here, are some ideas from Flame about how to correct this problem:

  •  If you have a furnace system in place, more ductwork maybe necessary in order to make sure that heat (or cool air) is getting to everywhere or where you want it to.
  • Along those lines, a steam heating system may require more radiation lines in order to heat those chilly rooms!
  • Sometimes just adding baseboards to the walls or heating the floor can be effective when used with a hydronic or hot water system.
  • And unfortunately, sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and purchase a new furnace or boiler.  However, there are some ‘pros’ to this decision.  For example,  it could save money, because your original furnace will not have to work as hard.

If you have any questions about what kind of system you have or what solution would work best for you, call Flame and receive your answers!  Or feel free to ask questions by commenting on the blog.  You aren’t living in the woods in the 19th century any more, your whole family shouldn’t have to stay in one room just because it’s warm!  They should want to!

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