Bryant vs. Lennox

Are all furnaces & air conditioners the same? Take a closer look at two of the most popular manufacturers today; Bryant & Lennox.

Gas Furnace Efficiency – The Bryant model 355B is the world’s most energy efficient gas furnace considering gas and electrical consumption combined. Bryant uses a patented clam-shell type, polypropylene lined secondary heat exchanger on its condensing gas furnaces, whereas all other manufacturers use a fin-tube design. Bryant’s design is less restrictive to airflow resulting in lower pressure drop and significantly greater electrical efficiency, a benefit that is realized in heating, cooling and continuous fan operation.

Gas Furnace Sound – Bryant’s 355A/B and 352A gas furnaces are quieter than Lennox’ G61V and G61 models in low-stage operation. While the Lennox G61V is quieter in high-stage operation, keep in mind that a two-stage gas furnace will typically operate in low-stage 80% of the time. This gives Bryant a distinct advantage.

Media Filter Cabinet – Bryant includes a media filter cabinet with all of its good, better and best model gas furnaces. This cabinet can be used with a high efficient pleated media filter such as the EZ-Flex. This will provide MERV 10 filtration with high dust holding capacity, equaling the performance of Honeywell’s F100 and outperforming the Space Guard filter. And it will be at much less cost than either of those filters since Bryant includes the cabinet with its furnaces. The filter cabinet can also be used simply as a filter rack which will accept a 1” standard filter. In this instance, customers can easily upgrade to a pleated media filter later.

Evolution Control – Bryant’s Evolution control can be used with the model 355A/B and 315A gas furnaces. The Evolution control is a very simple 4-wire “plug-and-play” connection and features auto-configuration to simplify the installation and set-up of the industry’s most sophisticated HVAC system. The Evolution control will control all HVAC functions including temperature, humidification, de-humidification and ventilation. It also enhances the diagnostic capabilities of Evolution compatible products that include the 355A/B and 315A gas furnaces, and 180A, 187A and 165A air conditioners.

Adaptive Control Logic – This is a patented control algorithm on all of Bryant two-stage gas furnace controls that optimizes low-stage operation and enhances heat comfort. The control remembers previous run cycles and applies it to future run cycles versus most manufacturers that used simple fixed time control logic.

Post-Painted Steel vs. Pre-Painted Steel – Bryant uses only post-painted steel on its air conditioners and heat pumps. This paint is electro-statically applied after the metal is cut and formed then baked on, with the result being every surface and edge of the metal is covered with paint. Pre-painted steel is painted before the metal is cut and formed, resulting in exposed metal edges. Bryant believes this is unacceptable for outdoor units exposed to the elements.

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