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3 Reasons to Schedule an Air Conditioner Inspection Today

If retailers can begin decorating for Christmas in October, we definitely do not think that March is too early to begin discussing air conditioner inspections.  Scheduling an a/c inspection is painless, and the inspection itself will only take 45 minutes …

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Why Every Day in March Gets Better and Better

Happy March to all! In like a lion and like a lamb, right? March is the month where we start meteorological spring and astronomical spring (click here to learn about the difference).  But, when it comes to March weather in …

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Your Home’s Humidity Level Could Be Seriously Interrupting Sleep

If you have ever tossed and turned in bed on a hot summer night, you know how much the weather can impact your sleep.  Not only are the high temperatures uncomfortable, but cooler temperatures actually help to activate the sleep …

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What is the Best Temperature for Learning? (Virtual or In-Person)

September is just around the corner, which means that ‘back to school’ is a topic on everyone’s minds.  This year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, ‘back to school’ is probably looking quite a bit different.  Whether you are including masks …

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Does My HVAC System Spread COVID-19?

COVID-19 has made this a very different spring and summer.  Now, as the school year approaches administrators, parents, and teachers alike are all wondering what the best course of action is.  For many of us, it seems that as time …

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5 No-Bake Desserts to Keep Cooling Costs Down

On a hot summer day the thought of coming inside to spend time in front of a hot stove or oven is really unappealing.  Not only can it make you feel hot and uncomfortable, using the oven actually increases the …

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Why You Should Worry About Humidity and Your Home

Humidity can wreak havoc on more than just your hair.  Hot weather and damp, humid air can also damage your home.  Too much moisture in the air leads to mold and mildew, which can in turn cause health problems.  Furthermore, …

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7 Appliances that Raise Your Cooling Costs

What’s easier:  keeping a gallon of ice cream cold by putting it in the freezer, or keeping a gallon of ice cream cold by putting it in the freezer and then blowing a hair dryer on it? That’s a no-brainer, …

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How to Stay Cool and Sleep Well on a Hot Night

It is no wonder that we have a hard time falling asleep when it is hot out.  You know those nights where the air is thick and no matter which way you flip, you just can’t seem to get comfortable?  …

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How to Get Your Air Conditioner Ready for a Heat Wave

Are you someone that looks at the the 10-day forecast and groans or cheers when you see hot weather on the horizon?  Whether you love it or hate it, heat waves are no joke.  The NOAA describes heat waves as …

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