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8 Signs that Tell You Spring is Coming

When is it spring?  Technically the Vernal Equinox, or first day of spring, is always on March 19, 20, or 21 in the Northern Hemisphere.  For many of us–especially in Michigan–that day doesn’t always feel like spring though.  How can …

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What Can We Expect this Spring 2020?

By the end of February we are all asking the same questions:  What can we expect this spring? and When can we expect it? We have taken a look at the NOAA Climate Prediction Center’s long-range forecast and the Farmers’ …

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How to Take Care of Your HVAC System

Your home’s HVAC system is a pretty important part of your home that often only gets remembered when there is a problem.  Let’s face it–condenser units and heat exchangers just aren’t as fun to look at as new window treatments …

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Should I Turn My Air Conditioner Back On during a Fall Heat Wave?

Even though fall hasn’t officially started yet, it sure has felt like it in Southeastern Michigan.  After a chilly Labor Day weekend, we’ve had a week of gray skies and cooler temperatures that are helping us all get into the …

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What is the Perfect Thermostat Setting?

What is that perfect setting for the thermostat?  In a previous post we talked about the never-ending battle with the thermostat at work, but what about in our homes?  According to the US Department of Energy, during the summer months …

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What a Hot August Means for You

Forecasters are calling for August 2019 to have temperatures that are average or slightly above average in southeastern Michigan.  Average temperatures in Detroit usually hover around 80 degrees, which means that we are looking at a pretty toasty August this …

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A Quick Guide to Fixing Ice on the Air Conditioner

The time of year really does impact how we see things, doesn’t it?  For example, if our children want to head outside wearing flip flops in July we don’t blink an eye.  But, if it’s the middle of January and …

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How to Survive the Dog Days of Summer Like a Dog

The Dog Days of Summer.  A.k.a those sweltering days where you decide to live like your dog by laying down most of the day and getting up only when absolutely necessary.  Those days when everything seems to move slowly, your …

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Cooling Centers Open in Metro Detroit to Help Effects of ‘Heat Dome’

This weekend we have entered into a heat dome here in metro Detroit.  With temperatures settling into the 90’s with a heat index into the 100’s we are all preparing for a few hot and sticky days. Heat waves such …

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5 Tips for Surviving a Heat Wave

Did you know that heat waves kill more Americans than any other weather disaster?  While heat waves may be a wonderful excuse for spending your day in the pool, they can actually be very dangerous–especially for little children and the …

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