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Spring HVAC Maintenance: Ventilation, Leaks, Tests, Inspection

In part one of this two-part blog series, we looked at some of the early spring elements you should be considering when maintaining your HVAC system this season. Spring is an ideal season to inspect your system following the winter period, …

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Why You Shouldn’t Shower During a Thunderstorm

There are over 16 million thunderstorms worldwide each year.  While most of us have probably experienced quite a few in our lifetimes, there’s still plenty that average person doesn’t actually know about storms.  For example, did you know that thunder …

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A Quick Guide to National Electrical Safety Month 2021

The calendar is filled with national holidays and celebrations–some more serious than others.   For example, there is a National Drinking Straw Day and a National Cream Puff Day (both in January).  On a less zany note, the month of May …

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Keep Your Kids Safe With 3 Electrical Safety Tips

There are some things that just don’t make sense until you become a parent. After having my first baby, I really wondered if it was actually necessary to do all of the baby proofing things.  Sure, I thought, lock the …

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4 Tornado Myths De-Bunked

Movies such as Twister have dramatized tornadoes, but that does not mean they should be taken lightly.  Tornado watches and warnings should always be taken seriously.  While tornadoes can occur anywhere at any time of year, they are most common …

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Finding Birmingham HVAC: Licensure, Experience, Knowledge

Are you a resident or building owner in Birmingham or other areas of Michigan looking for reliable, consistent HVAC services for your structure? You’ve come to the right place – the team at FLAME Heating & Cooling has been serving …

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How to Hygge Up Your Home for a Cozy Living Space

The Danish tradition of hygge (pronounced HOO-GAH) has been gaining popularity in the United States for the past few years.  Defined as, “a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being,” embracing hygge this …

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Top 2020 Metro Detroit Christmas Light Displays

Remember, in the classic Dr. Seuss tale, how the Grinch attempted to steal Christmas by taking away presents, decorations, and even…the roast beast?  That grumpy green character soon realized that despite his efforts, ““It [Christmas] came without ribbons, it came …

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4 Energy Efficient Christmas Decorations to Try this Year

It’s about time to pull the Christmas decorations out of the garage, attic, or wherever you choose to keep them.  For most Americans, the holiday season is one of hefty spending.  Between gifts, travel, groceries for gatherings, and decorations, this …

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The First 6 Things to Do in the Event of a Basement Flood

A basement flood is way more than a bit of a bummer.  A basement flood is much more than an inconvenience.  In fact, it is a disaster that can jeopardize safety and be expensive. When you walk down the stairs …

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