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Indoor Lightning Safety: Plumbing and Electrical Tips

We may joke about getting struck by lightning, but it really isn’t something to joke around about.  Did you know that lightning can actually reach temperatures hotter than the sun?  Yep, lightning has recorded temperatures of up to 50,000 degrees …

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Why You Should Count Between Thunder and Lightning

Summer is the prime time for thunderstorms.  Often occurring in the afternoon or evening hours, they are so commonplace we tend to forget how dangerous they can be.  From lightning strikes to power outages, thunderstorms are not something we should …

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The 3 Reasons You Should Be Turning Off Devices During a Brownout

We don’t believe in ghosts, so when the lights start flickering, we know what it usually means:  an electrical brownout. Unlike blackouts that wipe out all of the electricity to your home, a brownout means that a lesser amount of …

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Why Quarantine is the Perfect Time for an Automatic Generator

Most of us in Michigan, in the United States, and even throughout the world are currently hunkering down and staying at home in order to #flattenthecurve for the recent Covid-19 pandemic.  During this time of quarantine, I have been grateful …

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How to Prepare for an Ice Storm

With a potentially severe ice storm on the forecast for our weekend in Southeastern Michigan, it seems like now is the right time to talk about preparing for an ice storm. Ice storms can be particularly scary because of the …

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5 Metro-Detroit Christmas Light Displays You Don’t Want to Miss

By now, many of the community Christmas trees have been lit and the holiday season is in full swing.  This time of year the days are short, but–thanks to Christmas lights–the nights are definitely not gloomy.  Even if it is …

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Team Fake or Team Real? Electrical Safety for All Christmas Trees

Second only to the debate about when is the appropriate time to put up Christmas decorations is the debate about whether or not to have a real or fake Christmas tree in your home.  Whether you are on Team Real …

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7 Safety Tips for Christmas Lights You Should Know

It may not be a presidential election year, but that doesn’t mean that November still isn’t full of a hot debate and a divisive issue–when to put up the Christmas decorations. Some scoff at the idea of even thinking about …

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6 Celebrities with a Past in Plumbing and Electrical Work

With well-known celebrities, it is hard to think about a life before they became what we know them as today.  But, just like anybody-they have a past.  For this list of celebrities, that list includes plumbing and electrical work.  Some …

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4 Easy No-Cook Recipes for a Power Outage

Many of us who have ever lost power for extended amounts of time know that coming up with a plan for dinner can get pretty tricky.  According to the USDA food can stay safe in your fridge for up to …

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