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Don’t Make these 2 Mistakes with your Air Vents

Your HVAC system is pretty complicated.  There are a lot of different parts that work together to create an air temperature that is comfortable and safe inside of your house.  Your HVAC system also includes an air filter that helps …

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4 Reasons You Should Have a Whole Home Humidifier

Any of us that have woken up with a dry throat or that have dealt with dry cracking skin know that winter’s dry air can be awful.  One of easiest ways to counter the effects of it is by investing …

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5 Trustworthy Internet Resources for HVAC Info

The internet brings us as much information as we could ever want, but that doesn’t mean it is all good.  We don’t have a problem finding an answer for our questions, but we want to make sure that we are …

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Think about Your High Efficiency Furnace while Raking Leaves

What do raking leaves and taking care of your high efficiency furnace have to do with each other?  It may seem like nothing.  However, during the fall it is important to think about your high efficiency when clearing your leaves …

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5 Simple and Cheap Ways to Save Money on Your Heating Bill

We’ve all heard the phrase, “You have to spend money to make money,” right?  Well, it is also seems like we could say, “You have to spend money to save money.”  That seems to be particularly true when talking about …

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Nest’s Solar Eclipse Energy Rush Hour

The first total solar eclipse since 1979 to be seen from the United States will be happening today, August 21.  You’ve probably heard about all sorts of preparations that you should be making for it.  Maybe you’ve snagged a pair …

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What’s the Best Thermostat Setting in the Summer?

Do you cringe when you receive your electric bills in the mail during the summer?  Or dread opening up that email from your utility company?  During the summer, many of our energy bills go through the roof thanks to high …

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US Dept. of Energy Shows Us How Much You can Save from Energy Efficiency Improvements

We all know that making energy efficient improvements saves us money, but have you wondered just how much money?  Are those energy efficient changes really  worth it?  Sometimes it can seem like making all of those changes is a lot …

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Stay Cool with 8 Recipes to Make Without a Hot Stove or Oven

Cooking in the summer can be a challenge.  Many of us would rather spend the long hours of daylight soaking up the sunshine and watching kids play outside than put together dinner.  Plus, when it is hot out, turning on …

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5 Unique Ways to Save Water in Your Home

Saving water is good for the environment, and it is good for our wallets.  A cheaper water bill would make most people happy.  We have heard some of the typical ways to save water: take shorter showers and turn off …

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